Where is the outrage?

Many days of news coverage of families illegally crossing US borders, seeking asylum and instead they are received by Immigration Customs Enforcement officers separating families.  The cries of the children haunt the viewer, and the frustrating viewing audiences are left to wonder what can be done?

Clearly the Trump administration is holding hostage these children in order to secure funding for the border wall project that has been his hobby horse since the presidential campaign.  One has to wonder why Trump is not accepting responsibility for this policy– it was not put in place by the Obama administration, and it is perhaps the worst example of this administration’s capability to gaslight their base supporters.  With recent news that the Southern District of New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood has filed civil suit against Donald Trump himself for mishandling of Trump Foundation monies, is it a stretch to imagine Trump misusing federal funds too?  Do we need one more example of how this illegitimate president lies about everything?

I’m very happy to write that I have not sunk into depression over this latest assault to my sensibilities, instead I’ve taken action to contact my representatives in congress and express my outrage in Jeff Sessions’ announcements that the Bible gives him authority to enforce laws that don’t exist.

To anyone who is reading this and wondering “what should I do?”  please take this opportunity to phone the Department of Justice, 202-353-1555 to express your opinions about detaining children separately from their parents.  We can easily project what may happen to these children in large, poorly supervised buildings.  Don’t let assaults, beatings, and rape happen to these innocent asylum seekers.  Please call the Department of Justice and tell them not to hold children hostage for border wall funding. Then encourage your family and friends to do the same.

One thought on “Where is the outrage?

  1. On another level, this has echos of slave trading. Grabbing brown skinned families, wrenching them apart, caging them, transporting the kids to another state. What next, will we sell the real cute little ones to couples who want to adopt? If this is mandated, do we have ICE people paroling the Canadian border stopping Canadian families and caging their children? If white kids were in cages would even Trump followers be happy?

    Finally, there is no US law that mandates what he’s doing. He’s sullying his Bible and sullying the reputation of the US. He’s dehumanizing and terrorizing families who just want a safe place to live. How can anyone justify that?

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