Isn’t it beautiful to watch healing take place?  The renewal of human spirit, the strength and courage it must’ve taken for students at Stoneman Douglas High School to enter that compound and try to continue the school year in the shadows of 17 deaths, and countless telecast interviews from politicians who never had the fear for their lives speaking about weak and reticent concessions, ridiculous suggestions that bonuses will convince a teacher to become an armed services adjunct. Many very determined, young and well spoken future voters who were in the line of fire a short 2 weeks ago are leading the charge for better gun control and reduction in power of the NRA.  The National Rifle Association, with spokes Doberman Dana Loesch brazenly defending an indefensible and powerfully backed enemy of public safety, the gun manufacturers.

If ever the power and the optimism of youth were present in the minds of Americans, today and the weeks past have been that time.

What do you expect from our elected legislators?  Do they owe these future voters an audience to hear about their horrific experiences? Will the beneficiaries of NRA donations, some in the millions of dollars like senator Marco Rubio, will they be forced to give back this tainted money?

I want these students to be heard, and to be respected as survivors of a domestic terrorist attack in a place where guns belong only in the hands of school resource officers.

What do you think?




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3 thoughts on “Renewal

    1. Thank you for this feedback. Such a sensitive topic, some have said “you don’t know what the really heavily depressed people are feeling.” I truly empathize with anyone suffering depression because it has such extremes in its impact to people’s lives. I’m glad you found this blog to be worthwhile.

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    2. I’m writing to thank you for not misinterpreting my advice and feedback. I was very sincere in sharing with you that I felt just as your blog described. I would get really down, and would wait until someone might magically appear, almost reading my terrible and negative energy, to come and save me from myself.

      I wish you great success, and hope that you find someone whom you admire very much to be your fiend, confidant, and maybe role model. In my life I’ve had many who are or were role models, and even after their passing, I am still reminded of their influences on me.

      This weekend I attended the wedding of 2 friends I’ve known for many years. By happenstance I was seated next to a woman who recognized me from many years ago. She was someone who also knew the woman who raised me while my mother had returned back to her job. My dear Aunt Lil had died over 20 years ago, her son not long after that, and I lost a branch of my family, except when this woman recounted her experiences and connections to them. I took it as a sign that we needed to meet that night. Always at times in my life, Aunt Lil had been my rescuer, and here was someone with whom I instantly connected.

      This is the kind of love and connection that I am wishing for you. God bless.

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