We still have heroes

Hello, I’m back!

It has been a long sabbatical, one that seems like years.  So many elements define why the time has drug on for so long.  I’m battling the Internal Revenue Service for back taxes, learning the limits of my professionalism and testing the limits of the good people at the Offer-In-Compromise group.

I’m planning my life in Costa Rica, targeting July 1st to be a temporary resident there. Though moving is a complex task, the thought of waking up with the sun, drinking Costa Rican coffee with the parrots and monkeys, and to be a short distance from the Pacific Ocean have become a great and hopeful new chapter of my life.

The title of this blog “We Still Have Heroes” is very special to me because I encounter so many people whom I would call heroes. I know there are good people who still live here. They’re all ages, backgrounds, and greats.  They may or may not know how much they are valued because periodically they share with me their stories of difficult battles with addiction, depression, any number of everyday maladies that seem prevalent today.  They live all over the world, and it’s so strange that they’ve chosen me (or maybe the cosmos chose me) to cross paths with and to strike up conversations.

The toughest times I’ve found are those when perspective seems just out of reach.  Thin resilience, injustices collected, or just plain bad weather can distract me from the perspective that I have a great deal of control over my situation.  I can choose good diet, moderate exercise and activity, and my outlook.  I can prioritize and stay on bubble over the BS line so that I don’t fall prey to despair and dark depression. It takes practice, and by this age you’d think I wouldn’t need quite so much practice.  I do need practice, I’m not yet expert.  I have help though, and it comes from my heroes.

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