A special birthday

Tomorrow is my birthday, and for most of my life I’ve dreaded getting older just because….  This year, the impact and importance of having a birthday has struck me in a wonderful way because not long ago, I was planning to end my life because of severe insomnia and unresolved depression and anxiety.

I am no longer suffering the exhaustion of daily insomnia.  I feel increasingly rested in the mornings as though my dreams have become less frightful and more hopeful.

This year my friends and family have given me extra indication that my life is important to them, and that they would have missed me had I completed my plans for death.

I am receiving responses to my applications for jobs, and I have spoken with incredibly cordial and intelligent business leaders.  All of these great things have happened since I stopped taking one medication that may have directly influenced my outlook, my ability to get restful sleep, and providing depth to mild depression.  I’m so grateful to be here.  I’m very happy for the readers of this blog who have taken time to write me and share their own struggles.  My sincere and strong hope for those who are dealing with profound problems and major depressive disorder is that you continue to talk to a trusted therapist or friend who can help you to sort out your feelings.  I am sending you positive energy in the hope that you will have a breakthrough as I have, and that you will put one foot in front of the other to decide what steps to take to build a new path out of darkness, back to functioning again.  Please accept my love and best wishes for your recovery and continue to let me know your own struggles so that I may lend an ear.

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