Fight for the light

Looking backward on a life spent dodging anxiety and depressive episodes, I have realized that with experience (read age) it’s easy to see that the major depressive disorder is a fight.  It’s a fight that drains you of energy, desire, love, and perspective.  Darkness is often the metaphor for the feelings associated with depression, and emerging out of darkness is the desire most depression sufferers say is the sign their enemy has retreated, their feelings returning to a “midline,” or a feeling of functionality.

As the last few weeks of another kind of fight unfolded, the fight to be heard and respected, I’ve watched young adults from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School struggle for attention and answers from their elected officials.  These young adults who likely suffer Post Traumatic Stress as a result of witnessing maimed, bloody bodies of their murdered and injured friends, are fighting an old and well funded opponent on the side of hatred, ignorance, and greed.

This blog is dedicated to these young adults, those dealing with a very adult subject matter, and demonstrating to the world that they are intelligent, determined, and mature human beings.  These fighters are encountering opportunities to tell their horrific stories over and over again, each time being asked “so you’ll be moving on to college, and other things; how do you think this momentum you’ve begun will continue after you’re gone?”  Without hesitation, many of the representatives have said “if you think we’re going to go away, if you think this is a cause we will abandon, think again.”

That determination, the optimism of youth and the fight for what is right, beneficial to many, not just a special few– this is the determination and energy that saves depression sufferers from protracted episodes of dark times.  May these young adults be successful in garnering attention of more people like the big advertisers who have acted bravely and strongly in support of banning assault weapons, the guns of war, from WalMart stores, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and reducing advertising revenues to the National Rifle Association and all the greed and outdated traditions it represents. To the Marco Rubios, and congressional representatives who continue to accept NRA campaign donations, I wish for you a conscience, and an awareness that your child could be one of the next victims of gun violence in the school system. You must take responsible action instead of accepting bribes that continue the dangerous practice of gun show purchases of military grade weapons and abetting American terrorists.

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